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You are always welcome at the Pie Shop! All shapes and sizes. Our featured items change daily, but they are all Dynomite!

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A Satisfied Customer

The Pie Shop has risen to new heights! Not only does their new friend approve of what he has tasted, he also would like a copy of the recipe. Will Kiwi be willing to go along? As we have learned in the past (Episode 2) her recipes are “proprietary”! And that means “Mine! Mine! ALLContinue reading “A Satisfied Customer”

My Reward!

The Pie Shop is quick to spring into action and bring a piece of Puck Pie to their new friend. With a bib tied under his chin, Dick Mockingbird, who is used to the very best, gives his enthusiastic approval to Kiwi’s creation. He has never experienced such an energetic flavor before. What is theContinue reading “My Reward!”

It’s Bigger Than a Breadbox

It’s a good thing that there are five young Quacksons! The portmanteau turns out to be extremely weighty. How did the mockingbird carry it to their door? What could possibly be in it? Do you think it’s full of gold? Or maybe it’s cryptocurrency….

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