Just Ask a Coffee Pot

The coffee pot knows how difficult life was in Monticello kitchens

Inky would have been a slave, likely not a ruler! Odds are good that if she had lived in colonial Virginia, she would have been a slave in the kitchens of a very rich person’s magnificent home. Working from dawn to dusk to keep her masters happy! From the point of view of the underlings, there was nothing romantic about work at Monticello or at Montpelier, James Madison’s home.

Truth Be Told

The coffee pot knows that Inky is a shirker

Inky’s musings have been overheard by the wise, old coffee pot. This antique silver curio saw a lot of use in the kitchens at Monticello. The coffee pot belonged to James Madison of Montpelier (which was just a stone’s throw down the road from Jefferson’s home) but once it was on loan to the avaricious old redhead, it was a long time before it was returned to Dolly M.’s domain. The coffee pot remembers how hard the servants worked at Monticello and all the other plantations.

If Only We Could Live in the Past

The old coffe pot casts a silvery spell

As Inky pauses her mopping to gaze at the very special coffee pot, she begins to think that there have been many layers to her life. Is it possible that she once lived in luxury at a mansion in southern Virginia in colonial days? Gosh! It’s more likely she would have been a kitchen slave….

No Time to Wonder

Kiwi has to run to save the spiral cookies!

Kiwi has to run back to the kitchen to take a batch of cookies out of the oven. She leaves Inky to speculate about the wherea-bouts of Dick Mockingbird. At this time, we won’t find out what happened to The Pie Shop’s favorite mockingbird. Dick seems to have evaporated into space like an antique ghost, poof! Gone, gone, long gone.

Coffee or Tea?

Where did this priceless antique silver come from?

There is some doubt about where Dick Mockingbird filched the silver server that he gifted to The Pie Shop. At any rate, the wily old mockingbird has now vanished and this valuable antique remains on a shelf behind the counter at The Pie Shop. Do you think it will be lucky for them?

A Mockingbird Memento

The silver coffee pot shines

Only one item from Dick Mockingbird’s portmanteau remains: the bird-beaked silver coffee pot that was hand-carried through the storm by a Quackson child named Katie born under the sign of the Crab!

This would make Katie nurturing and loyal, protective of her loved ones. Crabs have a preternatural ability to know things without knowing how they know them. Katie knew she had to save the beautiful silver pot without knowing why!

Inky Takes Stock

Inky takes a peek into the shop

No one was badly hurt in the chaos that resulted from the seance, but as Inky scans the front of the shop from the kitchen, she can see the utter mess that Lettucca and the bear twins created. Time to get out her mop and broom!

Back to The Pie Shop

A little scratch is all

On the morning after the seance, the Quackson Five are taking stock and a little time to regroup. All of them were badly frightened, but no one was gravely injured. In fact, when an inventory is taken, we see only one tiny scratch. They are young and can withstand a lot of bouncing around. But birds of their kind don’t mix well with bears!

Guess, Just Guess

Remember Lettucca’s love for trouble?

The only one who hasn’t revealed his resolutions for 2023 is Lettucca. But do you have any doubts about what he has in mind? More of the same, undoubtedly! Tricks, trials, and tribulations! Avoid contact if possible!