What Do Birds Eat?

Inky is starting to turn green

Inky has never seen anyone poke in the ground for food! It seems like a dirty, strange and disgusting habit. What could be hiding in the dirt that would be good to eat? On the other hand, Kiwi watched her parents forage for food in just this way. She was a very fast learner from the minute she came out of the eggshell. Do you know that kiwi eggs are huge?

Stalking the Wild Asparagus

Inky is always hungry

Kiwi is ready now to satisfy her appetite. She knows there are plenty of very nutritious things available to eat in the wild. You just have to know where to look. As a hunter, Kiwi has another vitally important character trait: she is patient. No hurry when you are in pursuit of wild game.

Back to the Bivouac

Kiwi cheerfully puts on the brakes

Kiwi approves of her friend’s organizational mind, but she knows how easily Inky gets carried away. She’s too enthusiastic. She can leap for the ramparts at a moment’s notice! And then she loses her cool.

That’s why they are such a good pair: Inky jumps in and Kiwi bails her out. It is vastly important to have an agent to take the lead, but also to have someone on board who can think things over.

Happy Memorial Day!

Remember to take it easy today!

This is a good time to relax and power up for summer! On Friday you probably killed it at work so that the weekend would be worry free. So now’s the time to kick back and have some fun!

But it is also time to take a few moments to remember those who have gone before us.

There are so many Americans who died defending our freedom that we should say a silent thank you for it all! Hooray!!!

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

Inky Has A Plan

Here’s what she has in mind

Inky has read a lot of books about military actions. She knows how to give orders like a general. She happens to love the sound of the word “bivouac” even though her grasp of the concept is very academic. Maybe she has no idea what the word really means, but she read it somewhere and feels entitled to use it in conversation.

We Need to Hide

Inky goes into hyper mode

Inky never pauses for long to think. She can snap into high gear at a moment’s notice. What should we do? Just ask Inky and in half a minute she’ll have a plan!

Inky knows they need to lay low for a while. They’ll have to hide in the forest until Margo stops searching for them. In theory, Inky also knows how to survive in the wild. But she ’s an armchair survivalist.

“I’ve read lots of magazine articles. Maybe I should have bought some of the equipment!”

Safe for Now!

They realize that Margo will return

The plane has turned away, but they know Margo is relentless. Their shared history with her goes back many years. They first met her when she was Chief Psychologist at the B.C.I. (Birdhouse for the Criminally Insane) years ago. She was actually a spy, not a psychol-ogist and Kiwi was on to her shenanigans.

She has never cared for them and now she likes them even less. In fact, she loathes them to a murderous degree! How dare they steal her boat?

A Close Call

The plane veers away

As they watch from the edge of the forest, the seaplane turns away and disappears into the ether. They are safe for now! You may be curious about the identity of their pursuer, but your answer is in the archives: the early adventures of Inky and Kiwi will bob to the surface someday. Promise!