A Satisfied Customer

Dick Mockingbird has eaten haute cuisine

The Pie Shop has risen to new heights! Not only does their new friend approve of what he has tasted, he also would like a copy of the recipe. Will Kiwi be willing to go along? As we have learned in the past (Episode 2) her recipes are “proprietary”! And that means “Mine! Mine! ALL MINE!”

My Reward!

Dick Mockingbird learns to love Puck Pie

The Pie Shop is quick to spring into action and bring a piece of Puck Pie to their new friend. With a bib tied under his chin, Dick Mockingbird, who is used to the very best, gives his enthusiastic approval to Kiwi’s creation. He has never experienced such an energetic flavor before. What is the secret ingredient in Puck Pie?

It’s Bigger Than a Breadbox

A “portmanteau” is a very heavy bag

It’s a good thing that there are five young Quacksons! The portmanteau turns out to be extremely weighty. How did the mockingbird carry it to their door? What could possibly be in it? Do you think it’s full of gold? Or maybe it’s cryptocurrency….

Dick’s Baggage

One request for assistance.

The Pie Shop’s distinguished guest has not come empty-handed. No one knows what a portmanteau is, but they know it is right outside the front door. The Quackson’s are more than happy to check it out!

Be Our Guest

Inky is quick to find a chair

It has been a very long evening at The Pie Shop but this stranger has been traveling and is in need of true hospitality. Inky offers him a comfy chair for to sit on. Dick Mockingbird is grateful to find a haven among new his friends.

A Romantic Stranger

The Plume Sisters may have to flip a coin

The Plume Sisters come alive and begin to remember their manners. Someone should at least offer this distinguished visitor a place to sit. Maybe some refreshments would be nice?

The Pie Shop Listens

The Quackson 5 takes a deep dive.

The mystery guest now has a name and a place in history. Our young friends are quick to plug his name and other details into their phones. But the information they retrieve is a bit contradictory. If he is Dick Mockingbird, he is no less than 212 years old!

My Name Is Dick Mockingbird

The stranger introduces himself

The stranger knocking at the door becomes a new friend as he introduces himself. The Pie Shop exhales a sigh of relief. This is not someone to be afraid of! He is sharing his past life quite freely.

Time to Take a Break

Flocks celebrate the end of summer

It has been a long, hot summer! The good staff at The Pie Shop have decided to take a moment to catch their breath while the world turns.

Our other winged friends in the air bring you our holiday message: enjoy your idle time in peaceful ways. Try to look for all the good in this world as you put your feet up! Could that include a few barbecued worms with a cup of red ants as garnish? Delish!


No one can formulate an answer

None of our friends feels like grabbing the reins and answering this preformationist’s homunculic questions. Someone should be willing to put out a claw of friendship, but the character in colonial costume has taken their collective wits away. What would you have said at this moment? “Hi, my name is……?”